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A new formula from The Sausage Maker’s Original FERMENTO but with additional binding qualities. This special blend will give sausage the traditional tangy flavor of semi-dry sausages such as Thuringer and Summer Sausages, and Cervelat. Gives a fermented flavor without the time and equipment normally needed with semi-dry curing. Stuffer’s Blend Fermento is dairy based.



  • As a starting point, use 1oz. per 2 lbs. of meat, or 3 lbs. for each 100 lbs. of meat (typically 2-5% of meat weight)
  • 5lbs of fermento will process approximately 160 lbs. of meat
  • Maximum usage should not exceed 6 lbs. of product per 100 lbs. of meat, or texture of final product after cooking/smoking will become compromised
  • Add directly to meat, DO NOT mix with water
  • Processed from Cultured Buttermilk Powder and Potato Starch
  • Do not exceed 6lbs of Fermento per 100lbs. of meat

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