Fermentation Crock Pot 20L

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TSM Harvest Fiesta Fermentation Crock Pot 20L features unique, traditional old world design and function. Each crock features a sumptuous, rich brown character, distinctive handles and extra large openings, making it easy to load-up the crock with vegetables for maximum yield. Harvest pots come with their corresponding 2 piece stone weight for holding vegetables in place during fermentation.

Choosing Your Vegetables
Pretty much any vegetable or fruit can be fermented. Although we often think first of cucumbers for pickling or fermenting, you might also consider summer squash, green tomatoes, beans and peas in their pods, cabbages and other greens, carrots, onions, radishes and turnips. Click here for helpful tips.

The fermentation crock is also available in 5L and 10L sizes.

Fermentation Crock Pot 20L Dimensions:

  • 14 7/8″ H x 16 ½” dia
  • Net weight: 32.84 lbs.

Stone Weight Dimensions:

  • 9.19″ dia. x 0.88″ H
  • Net weight: 4.08 lbs.

Cleaning Methods – Click here for Users Manual

  • Clean using warm water and light detergent
  • For a natural cleaning method, use vinegar.  Use a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar to warm water to clean the crock and stones.
  • You may use boiling water to clean the stones of bacteria or mold if needed. First scrub the mold with a bristled brush and then put into boiling water. If mold shows after boiling, this is just a stain. All bacteria has been killed due to being boiled, the stones are still safe to use.


  • Store in a dry and dark place
  • Keep lid off to prevent mold growing during storage

Please note – in the rare instance the unit is damaged upon delivery, please refuse the package and contact Customer Service at 716-824-5814.

Additional information

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 19 in

4 reviews for Fermentation Crock Pot 20L

  1. Richard Grosz (verified owner)

    The earthenware crock was sent in a timely manner and it was packaged well as the delivery service damaged and had to retape the box. The staff was a joy to speak with and were very helpful. Am currently using the crock and have noticed the better design than the old crock I used to have. Am excited to take my next batch of sauerkraut out in a few more weeks!

  2. Neil (verified owner)

    This is the second 20L Crock Pot I have ordered from The Sausage Maker. I have been making Sauerkraut for quite awhile, that is why I had to order another crock, I couldn’t keep up with all the request from family and friends with just one crock. These crocks work great, just check them occasionally to make sure there is water in the lip of the crock.

  3. RONALD MABUS (verified owner)

    Same as above… great product,needs to be bigger, 40L

  4. dennis ryan (verified owner)

    Just bought 20l crock pot too late for sauerkraut this year .but had to try it just finished making Kimchi .I like handles and water tray never had these convenience’s with my old crocks. PS waiting for another one next year or maybe a bigger one.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    In what country are the Harvest Fiesta crocks made?
  1. 0 votes
    Q In what country are the Harvest Fiesta crocks made? answer now

    All our Harvest Fiesta Fermenting Crocks/Pots are made in Prague, Czech Republic.