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EcoCure #2 – 5lbs is The Sausage Maker’s first all-natural curing blend. When dry curing meats such as salami, capicola, lonzio, etc, it is important to protect them from harmful bacteria and promote healthy bacteria. EcoCure #2 is a natural alternative to traditional cures, such as prague powders, that use synthetic additives utilizing nitrites. Using EcoCure #2 will give meats a vibrant, pinkish color without any lingering flavor. Use for all dry cured whole-muscle and salami projects.

1% of product weight (1.6oz EcoCure #2 per 10 lbs. Meat) added directly to ground meat or into a salt brine solution

Store the EcoCure #2 – 5lbs in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, away for light and humidity

Salt, Natural Fruit Extracts, Natural Spice Extract, Natural Vegetable Extract

EcoCure #2 – 5lbs “for use as a natural substitute for Instacure #2 or Prague Powder #2 and for and cures lasting longer than 30 days. 

Watch 2 guys and Cooler demonstrate how to use it.

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    its gluten free?
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    Q its gluten free? answer now

    Yes. Both EcoCures are gluten free