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EcoCure # 1 is the Sausage Maker’s first all-natural curing blend! To help protect meats against harmful food bacteria’s such as C. Botulinum, L. Monocytogenes, and C. Perfringens, EcoCure #1 makes this possible without using synthetic chemicals like nitrites. EcoCure #1 also allows meats to obtain a nice, red color, minus the taste of celery!

Best used when making the following:

  • Bacon
  • emulsified sausages (Hot Dogs, Bologna)
  • smoked sausage
  • hams
  • pastrami
  • and other cooked, cured meats


  • 1% of product weight (1.6oz per 10lbs of meat) – Mix in after all other ingredients have been added


  • Store EcoCure #1 in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Keep away from light and humidity


  • Salt, Natural Fruit Extracts, and Natural Spice Extract

ECO CURE #1 “for use as a natural substitute for Instacure #1 or Prague Powder #1 and for any cures lasting 30 days or less.

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  1. Rick in AZ

    Outstanding cure! I won’t be going back to pink salt. I cured and cold smoked a whole pork belly for bacon, and it was the best I ever made! The color, texture and flavor are outstanding! Yep, it’s a bit pricey, but it goes a long way, and the result was amazing! I’m sold on EcoCure! Thank you for an amazing product.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    How about an actual content list! While it is biochemically impossible for someone to be allergic to Nitrates as the Human body makes them to stay alive, it is possible for them to be allergic to Natural plant sources.
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    Q How about an actual content list! While it is biochemically impossible for someone to be allergic...... Read more answer now

    This product is made entirely of Rosemary, citrus and exotic fruit extracts and salt.  There are no nitrites/nitrates in this product.