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Dry Aging Collagen Sheets are a thin but durable collagen sheet. Dry Aging Collagen Sheets are used to wrap whole-muscle cuts for smoking, netting, aging or dry curing.

The collagen sheet adheres to meat and allows for breath-ability while drying and smoke penetration for adding smokey flavor. The sheets contain tiny perforations for permeability.

The sheetd are traditionally used for making prosciutto, capocollo, pancetta, and dry cured ham.

Product Details:

  • 5 sheets per package
  • Size: 22″ x 29″
  • sheets contain tiny perforations for permeability
  • Non-edible, peel off before eating
  • No need to be refrigerated
  • Store in a dry cool place

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    102 reviews for Dry Aging Collagen Sheets

    1. Robert L McClellan (verified owner)

      Used to make 5 Capicola. These
      sheets are the “greatest thing since canned peanut butter.”

    2. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Excellent Professional transaction, very fast shipping.I will be a return buyer

    3. craig clark (verified owner)

      The Sausage Maker always has what I’m looking
      For. I’ve been a customer for years and have really enjoyed the expansion of the product lines.

    4. Calvin Eng (verified owner)

    5. vitaliy berlov (verified owner)

      Very good product, fast shipping. Thank you!

    6. AB (verified owner)

      Great product and especiallyGreat service-delivered earlier than expected.
      Appreciated that.

    7. Ronald Juliano (verified owner)

      Great helpful staff

    8. Robert DeAngelis (verified owner)

      Easy to work with and went on nice. Will know more in a few months when the curing is done.

    9. cjg (verified owner)

      Very pliable and soft to work with. I will be using them to wrap my capocollo.

    10. Timothy Graminski (verified owner)

      Great product

    11. JC Guppenberger (verified owner)

      Best price I could find so far on these. Works well so far. No complaints.

    12. Charles Gilpin (verified owner)

    13. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Very pleased with this product. Colagen are better than the beef bungs for dry cured meat like Capicola.

    14. Cathy Pope (verified owner)

      Exactly as described! Fast shipping and best price on the internet! Thank you!

    15. Nick Sarno (verified owner)

      Delivery very fast. However,I called a number of times for utilization advice. Unable to chat with customer support. Only way was to send an email to done strange email address. Finally gave up.

    16. Gregory Caruthers (verified owner)

      This was my biggest surprise in fermenting and curing whole muscle groups in my curing chamber. Extremely easy to work with and cut to size. I definitely will be re ordering this!! Make the job a breeze.

    17. KEVIN JEANSONNE (verified owner)

    18. Guy Guarino (verified owner)

      Just used the dry aging collagen sheets for the first time. I tried using the bung for my coppa last time but it was just too small. These were the other alternative and are a lot easier to work with. They do tear quite easy but you get a lot out of the 5 sheets that came in the package I ordered. Though the doin’t look as uniform as the bung, Once wrapped you still prick the surface to get rid of air pockets etc. if the results are the same, this is the way to go. We shall see several weeks from now

    19. TeeJay Fralick (verified owner)

      Great product,very professional and courteous.will be doing more business with your company in the future

    20. Anonymous (verified owner)

      I’m less than two weeks into the curing process with about 2-3 months to go, but it seems to work beautifully at this point.

    21. Daniel Brock (verified owner)

      Everything I’ve ordered comes correct and fast. The customer service is amazing

    22. MVU (verified owner)

      Each sheet allows producing 2-4 capocollos. It’s thin and easy to handle. Pricewise it’s cheaper than beef bung and protects the same. Also makes the wrapping much easy.

    23. Daniel J Zasytis (verified owner)

      Father in law loves it.

    24. Mikhail (verified owner)

    25. Geoffrey G (verified owner)

      Perfect product.

    26. Jeremy Cusick (verified owner)

      As a newb to curing and dry hanging meats, I found the collagen sheets fairly easy to use, and a bargain. I’ve used this to encase 4 Lomo Embuchado (half loins), and a Bresaola and still have 2 1/2 sheets left, along with some smaller pieces in case I have to cover a tear. I suspect that the end result will be more than satisfactory, as long as I do my part. I’m sure I’ll be returning for more when I run out.

    27. Attilio Pasqua (verified owner)

      Easier to use than the natural skins. Excellent for capecola.

    28. ILIAN VASILEV (verified owner)

      Not used yet but looks exactly how I expected. Thin than regular ham casings that I split in half to make big hole muscle.

    29. Scott Spencer (verified owner)

      Have not used them yet.

    30. John Chinosi (verified owner)

      So far so good , we’ll see around St. Patty’s Day!

    31. Gonzalo (verified owner)

      Excellent product…

    32. michael mcghee (verified owner)

      These sheets are great. They save time and money. I wrap my meat and slide it all into netting. Fast easy and they work. When your done curing your meat. The sheet peels off easy every time.

    33. Nicholas Borrelli (verified owner)

    34. Alexei Tchertkov (verified owner)

    35. EFIM (verified owner)

      Got the product promptly.
      Good staff.

    36. Stef S (verified owner)

      Reliable quality product and super easy to order. Thank you!!

    37. Guy Guarino (verified owner)

    38. Fernando Giaccaglia (verified owner)

      I wish there was a bit more info on the correct way/s to use them. On the label says “do not wet” but all the other collagen casings need soaking prior use. I also saw a video where somebody wet them ( a similar product, not this exact one) So this last time I did wet them prior wrapping a capocollo and it seems to work better but we’ll need to wait for it to mature to see if there are any differences

    39. waldemar wielogorski (verified owner)

    40. Charles (verified owner)

      Will be using these in the near future for capocolla….

    41. serafino lini (verified owner)

      Delivery was fast and on time. Product seemed a bit week and rip easily. It did the job and would buy it again .

    42. Gene (verified owner)

      Received our order quickly and it’s just as advertised…no disappointment, as usual.

    43. Scott Hardie (verified owner)

    44. RICHARD SKULTETY (verified owner)

    45. MILIJAN LUKIC (verified owner)

    46. Romeo Brandani (verified owner)

    47. Syd Bailey (verified owner)

    48. guy di pasquale (verified owner)

    49. TERESA CARLONE (verified owner)

      So we bought the 5pc Collagen Sheets in order to make fresh Capicollo. Let me tell you they came out amazingly. I will be purchasing again from these guys in the future. Quick shipping also.

    50. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Never used the Collagen Sheets for making capicola but it worked perfect. It holds your seasoning on the meat while it is curing. Good stuff…

    51. Tom Wohl (verified owner)

      Work very well for whole muscle dry curing.

    52. Leo Tocco (verified owner)

      nothing to review

    53. James DEPRIZITO (verified owner)

      Just what I was looking for.

    54. Anonymous (verified owner)

      It was a first time I used them. The one sheet was enough for my 2 Lomos. The capicola took more than half of a sheet. The sheets cling perfectly to the meat, but it was more difficult to put meat into the netting afterwards. I will update my rating after I could see and taste the results 😉

    55. Charles (verified owner)

      Excellent product

    56. M Hurt (verified owner)

      Used before, they work great!

    57. Kyle Brennan (verified owner)

      I recently have tried different types of dry aging wraps/bags and these by far are the easiest to use. The bags from umai dry dont stick and hold a good bond. These wraps, wrap around meat, put a net over and perfect bond every time. These are way more user friendly then other products. Plus customer support is OUTSTANDING. Thanks sausage maker. Life long customer right here.

    58. Anatoly Lazarev (verified owner)

      5* stars

    59. Tetyana Borodulin (verified owner)

      I like everything I ordered. Perfect stuff,good price,fast shipping

    60. Richard Gale (verified owner)

      I cut one huge sheet in half and used it for a coppa. Went on easily, and it enabled me to coat it in Aleppo pepper powder before wrapping it up and hanging it. It’s only about halfway through drying now, but it looks and smells great. I think it’s worth the cost.

    61. Vagan Ambartsmuyan (verified owner)

      You are the best store

    62. William (verified owner)

      Bought these sheets to dry age a whole ribeye. I’m still in the drying process but so far I have great results. I’m expecting fantastic steaks once finished!

    63. DAVID A VALERIO (verified owner)

    64. Anonymous (verified owner)

      great product great price

    65. Mark R (verified owner)

      Used the sheets for a small Coppa and Lonza. Easy to use and great to have on hand if in between other casing sizes.

    66. Walter Adamek Jr (verified owner)

    67. ORYSZCZAK, MIRO (verified owner)

    68. Jay Bravo (verified owner)

      Used this on a few whole muscle meats (Lomo and Coppa) and worked out perfectly. I was worried about tearing, especially when stretching the netting over it but it held up beautifully. Meats are style drying, but are losing weight at the appropriate pace and can feel the consistent texture throughout the meat. No more dry edges like I had using cheesecloth. Highly recommend theses. Next up is dry aged steaks!

    69. Gary Kolb (verified owner)

      They have everything you need to make charcuterie…at a price you can afford.

    70. nicolas mitri (verified owner)

      I have a very good service from you, timely shipping, thank you.

    71. Boris Fridlyand (verified owner)


    72. Alla Koren (verified owner)