Colorado Jerky Seasoning, 5 lb. with 1 lb. InstaCure #1

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Our Colorado Jerky Seasoning has the perfect proportion of sugar, pepper and garlic. It’s the best if you want the natural beef or venison taste to come through but want a mild yet delectable aftertaste that everyone can enjoy. Feel free to smoke the jerky, dehydrate it or even cook it at a low temperature in your oven! 

  • Includes instructions on the container
  • Insta-Cure #1 (1 lb.) included
  • Nt. Wt. 5 lb.

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Monosodium Glutamate.

Allergens: MSG

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Weight 7 lbs

12 reviews for Colorado Jerky Seasoning, 5 lb. with 1 lb. InstaCure #1

  1. Iowa bow hunter (verified owner)

    I had tried this product from a locker on beef and had hoped I could find it to use on deer. I found it in the on the web from sausage maker and was exactly what I wanted. Excellent flavor with a bit of kick! Another great product from sausage maker that I recommend you try! You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Thomas Bozek (verified owner)

    All the seasonings are very good.

  3. stacey nyenhuis (verified owner)

    Mix this and the hot together and then a little of my own stuff to make a little sweet. Best I’ve ever had.

  4. Joseph Meehan (verified owner)

    New to me I like it cowboy jerkey my grandkids call it

  5. Dave Betker (verified owner)

  6. Edward Gilroy (verified owner)

  7. Jason Robins (verified owner)

  8. David H (verified owner)

  9. Donna Hass (verified owner)

    Love the seasoning

  10. Gary Gray (verified owner)

    Great product, have not tried this batch but last time I ordered it I loved it.

  11. buford saxhaug (verified owner)

    old time favorite, kids love it. I sprinkle McCormick Hot Shot! pepper blend on top for a little heat.

  12. Brian Lubeski (verified owner)

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