Clear Fibrous Pepperoni Casings 38mm

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Clear Fibrous Pepperoni Casings 38mm is the perfect choice for making any type of pepperoni, Chorizo or other small diameter salamis or smoked sausages. The clear casings smoke just as brown as a natural casing. Fibrous casings are non-edible and need to be peeled before eating.

The fibrous casings are flexible and strong. They provide a uniform diameter, and possess excellent smoke penetration qualities. Our fibrous casings are available in clear, mahogany, red and protein lined.

Clear Fibrous Pepperoni Casings 38mm Product Details:

  • Non-edible
  • Bundle of 10
  • Size: 24″ long and approx. & 1 ½ when stuffed*
  • Stuffing capacity per casing: approx. 1 ½ lbs.*
  • Casings are open at both ends
  • No need to be refrigerated, these casings are shelf stable

How to Use Fibrous Casings

  • Fibrous casings must be pre-soaked in warm water (approximately 100° F) for 30 minutes prior to use
  • Slide individual casing on largest stuffing tube available
  • Use sausage stuffer to stuff meat into casing until full and 2 inches remain unfilled at the end of the casing
  • Use 3/8″ hog rings and pliers to clip end of casing closed or butcher’s twine to tie end close
  • Hang on smoke sticks in smokehouse or lay on racks in smoker to begin thermal processing

Return Policy
If unopened, these casings can be returned within 30 days of purchase. 

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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    6 reviews for Clear Fibrous Pepperoni Casings 38mm

    1. DButcher (verified owner)

      If you pack your sausages/pepperoni tight, try these! SO glad I did! Also, this was my first purchase and I recieved the catalog, guess I don’t need to waste hours searching on the internet anymore, EVERYTHING you need is sold by Sausagemaker !

    2. jeff gard (verified owner)

      Easy to stuff great product

    3. Ivan Skomarokha (verified owner)

    4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5. IL (verified owner)

      used to stuff Pepperoni. Worked great.

    6. dan donham (verified owner)

      haven’t used yet. they look to be as good as the mahogany casings which I have used with great success

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      Could I use those for dry curing?
    1. 0 votes
      Q Could I use those for dry curing? answer now

      Yes, these casings are intended to be used for drying sausages/salamis.