Clear Collagen Casings 100mm

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Clear Collagen Casings 100mm come in 10 packs. These large casings are ideal for large-diameter Venison salami, hard Genoa salami, and Soppressata

These collagen middles are clear and made from processed beef hides, non-edible.

Product Details:

  • Non-edible
  • A bundle of 10 casings
  • Size: 100mm (3 7/8″) x 24
  • 24″ long and approx. 3 7/8″ when stuffed*
  • Stuffing capacity per casing: approx. 5.5 lbs.*
  • No need to be refrigerated, these casings are shelf-stable

How to Use Collagen Casings

  • Collagen casings must be pre-soaked in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes before use
  • Slide individual casing on the largest stuffing tube available
  • Use sausage stuffer to stuff meat into the casing until full and 2 inches remain unfilled at the end of the casing
  • Use 5/8″ hog rings and pliers to clip the end of the casing closed or butcher’s twine to tie the end close
  • Prick casings after stuffing to eliminate air pockets and reduce the possibility of bacterial growth
  • Can be hung in a smoker or cooked in the oven until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F

Return Policy
If unopened, these casings can be returned within 30 days of purchase. 

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

    Additional information

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    13 reviews for Clear Collagen Casings 100mm

    1. Maria Manes (verified owner)

      Great product – casing for sausage

    2. Eric (verified owner)

      Reasonably priced large-ish casings. I bought them for a lonzino – they’re a little on the big side for that, but that’s my own error.

    3. Linda Bartas (verified owner)

      these worked very well for what I used them for will use these again

    4. Steve Mazzone (verified owner)

      Good Value

    5. Markus Yuko (verified owner)

      Products where amazing quality and very fast processing. Received the item within 4 days of ordering

    6. Gary (verified owner)

      Works well but will probably go back to 90 mm. I like this size better.

    7. waldemar wielogorski (verified owner)

    8. BRIAN BOVILLE (verified owner)

      Have used these a BUNCH of times already. Love them. Great snap. Not too tough.

    9. MILIJAN LUKIC (verified owner)

    10. Vagan Ambartsmuyan (verified owner)

    11. AJ (verified owner)

    12. Jeff Henkelman (verified owner)

      What a great experience with ordering and follow through. The product I ordered arrived in good time and was of great quality I will definitely order from The Sausage Maker again.

    13. Ed Morrison (verified owner)

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    Questions and answers of the customers

      Are these permeable or do I have to prick them for moisture to escape?
    1. 0 votes
      Q Are these permeable or do I have to prick them for moisture to escape? answer now

      They are permeable, and you should ALWAYS prick your casings for AIR pockets to escape. Trapped air pockets will cause bacterial growth which will lead to spoilage and rot.

    2. What casings do you recommend for Canadian bacon?
    3. 0 votes
      Q What casings do you recommend for Canadian bacon? answer now

      A casing really isn't needed for Canadian Bacon, but you could use a FIBROUS CASING, NET, or STOCKINETTE.

    4. Is there an expiration date on this product?
    5. 0 votes
      Q Is there an expiration date on this product? answer now

      These are a dried product which generally does not have an expiration date. We sell a lot of collagen casings, so they are as fresh as can possibly be. What you can do to be pro-active is after receiving your shipment of collagen casings, write the date they arrived and then print the date you opened the package. Try to use them within a year or two.