Cellulose Casings 21mm

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Cellulose Casings 21mm are a non- edible casing that is used to make breakfast sausages.

What Are Cellulose Casings
Cellulose skinless casings combine high elasticity with very consistent diameter, providing the right shape for skinless sausage. They are highly permeable for excellent smoke absorption and color. Excellent peelability guarantees trouble-free processing. Most cellulose skinless casings are striped to help avoid non peeled casings. Cellulose skinless casings are manufactured in shirred sticks that do not require soaking.

In order to ensure the best possible stuffing performance, the cellulose skinless casings are packaged in caddies that seal in the moisture and preserve the casings for storage. Cellulose skinless casings are available in many size for hot dogs, frankfurters knackwurst, smoked sausage, and fresh chorizo.

Cellulose Casings 21mm Product Details:

  • Non-edible. Peel before eating
  • Ideal for breakfast sausages 
  • Size: 21mm (.82″ in diameter)
  • 5 strands per pack
  • 42 feet per strand (210 feet total)
  • Stuffing capacity: approx. 35 lbs.*
  • No need to be refrigerated. Casings are shelf stable
  • Do not soak – stuff dry

Recommending Seasonings
Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

Return Policy
If unopened, these casings can be returned within 30 days of purchase. 

    *Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops and how tightly casings being filled.

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      8 reviews for Cellulose Casings 21mm

      1. glenn holler (verified owner)

      2. Debra Jacobs (verified owner)

        Great size for slim jims

      3. Tom (verified owner)

        A friend of mine uses these for making snack sticks so I got them. They work great for skinless hot dogs and also for pepperoni sticks.

      4. Clayton Kuehn (verified owner)

        Great for what they are designed for, however, in your catalog it mentions that an “Adjustable Peeler #23103 is recommended for quick peeling.”

        Searching your catalog and your website both yields negative results.

        Here are the results from my search:

        Search for “Adjustable Peeler #23103”
        We found 0 results matching your criteria.
        No products match your search criteria, please try again.

        Please explain.

      5. ILIAN VASILEV (verified owner)

      6. Boris Dolgonosov (verified owner)

      7. Jerry Harrison (verified owner)

        If you like REAL hotdogs this is what you need.
        Not edible but peels of easily when done.

      8. Michael DeSantis (verified owner)

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      Questions and answers of the customers

        I know the casings are smokable but will the meat take smoke flavor
      1. 0 votes
        Q I know the casings are smokable but will the meat take smoke flavor answer now

        Yes, that is the whole point of making that casings able to accept smoke. They are smoke permeable

      2. Is this casing smokable?
      3. 0 votes
        Q Is this casing smokable? answer now

        Yes, they are smokeable.

      4. What would be a good temperature for cooking these casings in water.
      5. 0 votes
        Q What would be a good temperature for cooking these casings in water. answer now

        Scott, it would be 180 degrees F