Cayenne Pepper (90,000 SHU)

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Cayenne Pepper (90,000 SHU) offers an intense, fiery heat with a distinct earthy undertone. Its taste is sharp and spicy, delivering a powerful kick that can be both invigorating and palate-warming in small quantities.

Flavor Profile
Cayenne pepper with a SHU rating of 90,000 presents a bold and intense flavor profile. It is characterized by a searing, fiery heat accompanied by earthy undertones, providing a spicy, invigorating kick to dishes.

It’s can add a fiery kick to various dishes. It’s commonly used to season sauces, soups, and stews, providing a robust heat. Additionally, it can be sprinkled on meats, vegetables, and even snacks for an extra punch of spiciness. In some cuisines, it’s also used to make spicy condiments like hot sauce or to add heat to marinades and rubs. However, due to its high heat level, it’s important to use cayenne pepper in moderation to avoid overpowering the dish.

We recommend adding cayenne in small pinches until you’ve reached your desired heat level.

Product Details:

  • Net weight: 16 oz. (454g)
  • Medium to hot heat (SHU): 90,000

Also available: Cayenne Pepper (60,000 SHU)


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10 reviews for Cayenne Pepper (90,000 SHU)

  1. Gary Haygood (verified owner)

    Hard to find

  2. Kyle McArthur (verified owner)

    Great flavor

  3. ray d (verified owner)

    use this in most all of my cooking.

  4. Zachary Harman (verified owner)

    I ordered sausage casings for the first time, great prices and shipping rates are good. Got our order in a timely manor and it was correct and well packed. Will order again soon.

  5. Christian Vittone (verified owner)

  6. rocco ranieri (verified owner)

  7. Greg Zak (verified owner)

    I have been using your 90K pepper for over 20 years. I have never found a competing product that provides the pungency of your pepper at as low a cost as your pepper and other spices.

  8. Timothy Dingwell (verified owner)

  9. BRUCE (verified owner)

  10. Jimmy Mack Computers (verified owner)

    The freshness and package size along with the price of the what i will call normal over the counter spice bottles for me will never happen again after i received the FAST Shipment FROM The Sausage Makers. Now i got onto the website by mistake i was redirected. But they had everything and MORE that I was looking for. Now what I plan on doing is Refilling the small spice containers with the unbelievable LARGE or Restaurant size I received. THANKS FOR A OUTSTANDING PRICE AND PRODUCTS.

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