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Use Butcher Black Pepper to fill your pepper mill and grind it over salads, pastas, or sauces. Add some coarse sea salt for a perfect blend of simple flavors. Butcher Black Pepper is great “butcher’s grind.” Use for meats or poultry on a grill or smoker. It also works well as an ingredient in spice rubs.

Net weight: 16 oz. (454g)

Taste and Aroma
Strong, hot and sharp.

This coarsely ground black peppercorn is most often used with sea salt for seasoning steaks and other thick cuts of meat right before grilling. Used in fresh sausages and Pastrami.

Other Black Pepper varieties: Cracked Black Pepper

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76 reviews for Butcher Black Pepper

  1. Catherine M Collins (verified owner)

    Love this product. I make a lot of homemade beef jerky and this pepper is perfect. Service is very quick as well

  2. Grant Van Buren (verified owner)

    Great container, fresh smell.

  3. Frank Ratay (verified owner)

    Free Shipping!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    returning customer happy so far each time only live 30 minutes from you but you ship to ohio and then back???? shortened shipping time would be preferable

  5. stephen dorey (verified owner)

    all spices have been used in various recipes and work very well.

  6. scott Bower (verified owner)

    use this in hot sticks and summer sausage works great

  7. William Eggers (verified owner)


  8. Marshall Myers (verified owner)

    Coarser than i thought it would be.

  9. Larry Pizon (verified owner)

    Good all around use to give a little extra flavor and kick.

  10. John Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Fresh sealed containers. Good seasoning.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent flavor.

  12. Terry Dillman (verified owner)


  13. Dennis Blankenship (verified owner)

  14. ERIK BLUEMKE (verified owner)

  15. Robert Knavel (verified owner)

    I have use the Sausage Maker products for years an never had any problems

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good pepper, just what I have been looking for.

  17. Christian Vittone (verified owner)

  18. Michael Ostrowski (verified owner)

    all excellent products

  19. TJ Smalley (verified owner)

    Great transaction!! Great product!!

  20. Robert Zeglen (verified owner)


  21. Sandra Sadley (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality & good price. Fast delivery

  22. D. Starr (verified owner)

    A little too corse for me though

  23. David Roberts (verified owner)

  24. Robert Wilson (verified owner)

  25. Fred R (verified owner)

    Very difficult to find ground bay leaves then remembered The Sausage Maker from years ago that I have purchased numerous items from. Sure enough they had everything I needed to start smoking meats again. I told many of my friends about the place to get their curing and smoking supplies.

  26. Gary Rehberg (verified owner)

  27. carl ferrara (verified owner)

    I am always happy. Everything always come on time

  28. Thomas Waltman (verified owner)

  29. Todd Wallace (verified owner)

    Only thing missing was an update on shipping – other than that, seamless and a great product!

  30. James Oberholtzer (verified owner)

  31. Russ McNitt (verified owner)


  32. Brad Brown (verified owner)

    Great value. I like how you have options on how fine its ground.

  33. JOHN STOKLOSA (verified owner)

  34. Anthony Barker (verified owner)

  35. Angelo Castelli (verified owner)

    Average pricing, average quality

  36. Paula Greco-markhofer (verified owner)

    Very good

  37. Peter Wojcik (verified owner)

  38. Anthony Licata (verified owner)

    Best Ever, fast delivery excellent customer service !

  39. Scott Steiner (verified owner)

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

  41. Don Rude (verified owner)

  42. Janet Bruelhart (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Looks great!

  43. Rod BEITELSPACHER (verified owner)

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  45. melvin beisel (verified owner)

  46. alan penfield (verified owner)

    Great value

  47. stephen waldman (verified owner)

  48. Dennis Peters (verified owner)

  49. leo datskiy (verified owner)

  50. Tamara Mann (verified owner)

    We ordered spices and love them all.
    Readonably priced,variety was great and web sight is to manage. Fast shipping also.
    Will order again from you.

  51. Robert Weschler (verified owner)

  52. Christopher Quigley (verified owner)

    Very good. We use this stuff all the time.
    BBQ, smoking and sausage. We used this a lot for smoked brisket.

  53. Michael Richards (verified owner)

    I buy all of my seasonings from Sausagemaker, top quality and good pricing

  54. Rich j Lombardo (verified owner)

    I have used this pepper for many years in my sausages and I also use this pepper in our food that we prepare for our meals.

  55. carol chrynwski (verified owner)

  56. Dan Bowman (verified owner)

  57. James Hemrich (verified owner)

  58. Charlotte Betchan (verified owner)

    They had everything I wanted and shipped fast. I would definitely buy from them again

  59. Angelo Di Biagio (verified owner)

  60. Jefferson Sum (verified owner)

    Great quality. Best of all, I love the mesh size. Went well with the wagyu beef ribs and brisket cook. Definitely Will be ordering again soon. Thanks to The Sausage Maker

  61. Julie Knepley (verified owner)

    large quantity package at low price is the best. Very useful for roasting meats, vegetables, soups

  62. Keith Swider (verified owner)

  63. al shaver (verified owner)

  64. MARK EAGAN (verified owner)

  65. RICHARD KURZYNIEC (verified owner)

  66. JAMES BROOKS (verified owner)

    Very good