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Brown Sugar Ham Cure infuses hams with a delicious brown sugar flavor. Comes with full instructions using a brine. For best results, hams should be stitch-pumped using a meat pump with perforated needle.

Net weight: 3 lbs. – make 2 gallons of brine

    Instructions (Click here for printable pdf)
    In a large food safe container, mix 1 gallon cold water* with 1.5 lb. of Brown Sugar Ham Cure. Using this ratio mix enough brine to fully submerge the meat your brining. Stir vigorously and thoroughly to dilute ingredients into a brine solution. Meat should be fully submerged and in refrigeration temperature (38-40°F) when brining. Use non-chlorinated water only.

    Salt, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrite (0.75%), not more than 2% Propylene Glycol and Sodium Bicarbonate added to prevent caking.

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    Weight 3 lbs

    40 reviews for Brown Sugar Ham Cure

    1. Karen Norris (verified owner)

      We just cooked up some of the bacon using the Brown Sugar cure. It was delicious! The best bacon I’ve had in a very long time. I have enough now to cure up several more hog bellies and you can bet I will!
      Very good product.

    2. Robert Hunter (verified owner)

      Great taste and so simple to follow directions.

    3. Frank Johnson (verified owner)

      Taste really good

    4. Brett Wagner (verified owner)

      Would recommend it to all my bacon Lovin smoking friends and maybe an enemy or two

    5. Ronald Anderson (verified owner)

      I’m very happy with products, and will continue to order from you in the future.i recommend this company to everyone very satisfied.

    6. IndianaJoe (verified owner)

      This is my favorite store bought cure. It always come out the same time after time,not too salty,just the way that I like it.

    7. Michael Schwartz (verified owner)

      I was introduced to this great product by a friend and he gave me a recipe for a dry cure that uses this cure. I checked with your company to see if the mix ratio was safe and after getting your approval made my first batch of Canadian and Buckboard Bacon. It cured for 12 days and I then cold smoked these cuts for 12 hours with Apple Wood and applied heat after 6 hours. The end results were the best Bacons Myself and family have ever tasted.

    8. pete zygmont (verified owner)

      Great: use it both for bacon and Canadian bacon

    9. Thomas Mason (verified owner)

      Great flavor

    10. val kitzan (verified owner)

      Great product

    11. brian kulp (verified owner)

      I been using this cure for a yr or so now it .
      it the when I would recomend

    12. John Selman (verified owner)

      I like to buy my spices in bulk, and your prices are very reasonable. Will for sure be ordering more.

    13. George McGahan (verified owner)

      it makes a good tasting bacon you can’t get store purchesed that taste like this. it is wounderful taste.
      Love it

    14. Dan Whitney (verified owner)

      Have not uses it yet. I’m sure it will be great.

    15. Lloyd Rand (verified owner)

      Makes great bacon. Have some in the smoker now. Very happy with this product.

    16. Jeremy Leinen (verified owner)

      Not quite as good as an old recipe I use, but a whole lot easier and less to fuss around with. Good, consistent, and always goes over very well.

    17. Mike B (verified owner)

      Once again TSM has provided a great product in this ham cure. The cure is simple to use and a good value. I have a ham on the cure as I write this review and can’t wait to get it in the smoker and enjoy the finished product. I’m 100% sure it will be great like all other TSM products I use. The Sausage Maker never let’s me down.

    18. TODD LORAH (verified owner)

      As an avid Hunter, I often enjoy making wonderful “home made” sausages, jerky, bologna, and dried meats. I have cupboards full of spices and a fridge full of soup bases, (mushroom, and pork are two of my favorites).. And a full array of casings. My recent purchase is gifts for a family member who is joining me in my obsession in smoked meats. S.Makers is one of the best suppliers of my processing needs.

    19. Eleanor Ostlund (verified owner)

    20. Jayson Keiper (verified owner)

    21. Stephen Shultis (verified owner)

    22. steven noyes (verified owner)

    23. Tom Kennerk (verified owner)

    24. Candy Gorman (verified owner)

    25. John F. (verified owner)

      I served this for a pre-Christmas dinner for my family from Buffalo. I cured a fourteen pound ham and there were five adults and two kids here for dinner. There was barely enough left to make ham and cheese omelets the next morning for us all!

    26. Bill Bayman (verified owner)

    27. Brian Shifflett (verified owner)

      I cured a side of bacon and it’s hands down, better then store bought bacon. I’ll be making another order next butchering season.

    28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    29. Garry Hartman (verified owner)

    30. Frank Ragone (verified owner)

      Labels nice and clear looking forward to making hams.

    31. Frank Johnson (verified owner)

      was delivered fast and sufficient. very good bacon cure.

    32. steve worden (verified owner)


    33. ronald stone (verified owner)

      Used on ham. Very tasty.

    34. Robert Felch (verified owner)

    35. Marie Guggisberg (verified owner)

      Currently enjoying the end result of the ham cure. Absolutely delicious! First time making a homemade ham straight from the pig, and it couldn’t have turned out better.

    36. Dean Findlay (verified owner)

      my wild pig ham, turned out really good for a first timer!! i would recommend it , worked well on my pellet grill/smoker !!!

    37. philip neumann (verified owner)

      good product, we cure and smoke copa muscle, then cook sous vide 24hr @ 140° excellent breakfast ham

    38. Jason B (verified owner)

      Excellent Service, fast shipping!

    39. emory jolley (verified owner)

    40. Roger Rasmussen (verified owner)

      I’ve been using your products for 30 years. Books equipment cures seasonings are all great.

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      Can I use this to dry cure the ham, instead of making the brine?
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      Q Can I use this to dry cure the ham, instead of making the brine? answer now

      Yes, you can.

    2. Is this gluten free?
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      Q Is this gluten free? answer now

      Yes, this is gluten free

    4. Can this be used as dry cure for bacon
    5. 0 votes
      Q Can this be used as dry cure for bacon answer now

      Yes, it can.