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Our Beet Powder (BP3) is naturally produced with a standardized minimum nitrite content of 30,000ppm with a sea salt carrier. BP3 is a water-soluble spray dried, natural curing solution with an ultra-low amount of insoluble plant fibers. With less plant fibers, there is a less collection of product in the bottom of your brine, and much more solubility and even, thorough dispersion of natural-nitrites, especially important in brined product.

Beets are well-known to be healthy, they are on-trend, and BP3 is currently the best (in our opinion) option next to cultured celery powder for naturally curing meats and poultry products. Our beet powder works best with salamis and charcuterie resulting in an even, deep, rich color development.

The powder is not red, but a pale orange, and dissolves quickly and completely in water. This also means it will be quickly absorbed into the mince.

For best results, use with cherry juice powder, add to salt and other spices and mix thoroughly.

Usage Level: 100ppm – 1 oz. per 20 lbs. Meat.
For best results BP3 should be used with ACEROLA CHERRY POWDER at (250ppm) 2.5 oz / 20 lbs. meat.

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