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P. nalgiovense, P. candidum

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Bactoferm Mold 800 is a fast growing starter culture with a strong suppression of wild flora. Generates a fresh Camembert aroma. Strong mushroom flavor and a typical scent of moss. Ideal for dry and unstable environments, but under optimal conditions will develop fast growing dense but medium to fluffy white coverage.

Culture Compositions:

  • Penicillium candidum
  • Penicillium nalgiovense

Usage (Click here for pdf)
One pouch of freeze-dried culture is mixed into 1-2 liters of tap water at approximately 20°C (68°F) and equilibrated for 2 hours at room temperature. The suspension is diluted in the relevant amount of tap water and is then ready for use.

Chlorinated water might reduce the activity of the culture. The mold is inoculated after the stuffing (and eventually acclimatization process), either by dipping or spraying or shower. The spore suspension should be stirred continuously to prevent settling of the spores, and the suspension should only beused on day of preparation (danger of yeast contamination).

When not in use keep mold sealed and frozen. Shelf life for frozen molds and cultures is 6 months, while refrigerated will last a few weeks.

    Bactoferm Mold 800 Details:

    • Usage: 50g for 50L
    • Properties: Off-white to brownish color
    • Form: Ground powder
    • Solubility: Water soluble suspension
    • Kosher Meat Excl. Passover
    • Certified Halal
    • Freeze dried culture, store in freezer: < -17 °C / < 1 °F

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    Due to the limited shelf life outside of a freezer, Bactoferm Mold 800 cannot ship outside of North America. Place Bactoferm in the freezer immediately upon delivery.

    This product is intended only for use with meat products and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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