Bactoferm Mold 800


P. nalgiovense, P. candidum

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to freezer storage requirements, this product cannot be shipped outside North America.

This product is intended only for use with meat products and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. Place Bactoferm in the Freezer Immediately Upon Delivery.

Throughout time, sausage makers have relied on beneficial molds to cover their dry-cured salumi. Beneficial molds suppress wild indigenous molds, yeasts and bacteria. They also assist in preventing case hardening, as their white covering regulates release of moisture during the drying process. MOLD 800 will also improve salumi with flavor development. This beneficial mold is laboratory created and extremely safe to use. With proper application and inoculation, MOLD 800 is fast growing and will produce a dense, medium to fluffy surface coverage and a fresh Camembert aroma.

  • After stuffing sausages and before fermentation process, it is time to apply the mold! Bactoferm 800 is aerobic and needs to be exposed to oxygen or it will not activate, the following steps should be followed for proper application
  • One pouch of freeze dried culture is mixed into 1 – 2 liters of distilled or purified water at 20C or 68F and equilibrated for 2 hours at room temperature, the mold is inoculated by either dipping, brushing or spraying! The spore solution should be stirred periodically to prevent settling of the spores, and the mold solution should only be used on the day of preparation (danger of yeast contamination)
  • Salamis should be hung at 68-75F and 95% relative humidity for 72 hrs. with moderate air velocity. After 72 hrs. reduce temp and humidity to desired drying conditions.
  • Discard any leftover mold solution.
  • 10 days out of refrigeration is standard during shipping and will not affect cultures adversely
  • Small batch: Solution may be created by using half package (25g and ½ Liter water)
  • Storage: When not in use keep mold sealed and frozen. Shelf life for frozen molds and cultures is 6 months, while refrigerated will last a few weeks
  • Contents: 50g per package

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