Bactoferm F-LC

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Pediococcus acidilactici, Lactobacillus curvatus, & Staphylococcus xylosus

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Due to the limited shelf life outside of a freezer, we can not ship this outside of North America. Place Bactoferm in the Freezer Immediately Upon Delivery!

A patented bioprotective culture of bacterial strains which protect the sausage product from Listeria contamination while being a versatile and effective culture for acidification. Can be used for slow, traditional fermentation when environment is near 80F and will also rapidly acidify in high fermentation (US Style) temperatures of near 115F. 25grams for 100 kg of meat. To test if the bactoferm is still viable, simply shake the package. If the bactoferm is loose when shaken, like sand, then the bacteria is alive. If the bactoferm is clumped together and does not sound loose then the bacteria has died and should not be used.

• Net Weight: 25g(per packet)

• Usage: 25g for 100kg(220 lbs.)

• Instructions for making 10 lb. increments included

• Freeze dried culture, store in the freezer (<2°F)

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Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 4.5 × 0.125 in

34 reviews for Bactoferm F-LC

  1. Jerrold (verified owner)

    Our family has been making “salumi” as far back as the 1540’s in the old traditional way of salting and drying. We changed things up when my wife and I started by using all the “safety” advantages that modern day science dictates. This bacteria for fast ferment salumi’s and T-SPX for long term drying add favorable conditions towards safety that we consider a must.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    I always rely on Sausage Maker for my starter cultures.

  3. Robert Hill (verified owner)

    hard to find products made easy

  4. Jesus Humberto Burciaga Robles (verified owner)

    Versatile ferment, recomended.

  5. Jeremy Barrett (verified owner)

    Culture arrived in under 5 days with free economy shipping, and still is plenty active.

  6. Mike “Maus” Wegrzyn (verified owner)

    drops ph fast and the added listeria protection gives me quite the piece of mind

  7. Kenneth Oravsky (verified owner)

    I have been dealing with you folks for a long time. Even though I am a recreational sausage maker, I take this very seriously. You and your products always live up to my expectations. Thank you!

  8. Timothy Webb (verified owner)

    only 5 days old but seems to be working great!

  9. Robert Bilicki (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet

  10. Aaron Gardner (verified owner)

  11. Ray Devaul (verified owner)

  12. D. Starr (verified owner)

    Excellent for making dry products at home

  13. Michael Compton (verified owner)

    Always have had great results. My orders are timely sent. Sausagemaker a great place to shop.

  14. Jacob Valasek (verified owner)

  15. mark (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet but awesome service straightening out a mistake I made on my order

  16. Lynum, Wayne (verified owner)

  17. Craig Walker (verified owner)

  18. KEVIN JEANSONNE (verified owner)

  19. Russell Peotter (verified owner)

    Worked great as promised,

  20. DianaLyn Slavin (verified owner)

    the product(s) arrived when expected and in excellent condition. I have dealt with your company in the past with other purchases and will continue using your company. Your service is excellent and your customer service are extremely knowledgeable and kind.
    thank you

  21. Charles (verified owner)

    Everything arrived on a timely basis…good condition and ready to go! Won’t be able to evaluate the Bactoferm F-LC until about 3 months from now…making soprasatta today!

  22. Lester MILLS (verified owner)

  23. GB (verified owner)

  24. henry krueger (verified owner)

  25. Nate (verified owner)

  26. peppermeister (verified owner)

    I used bactoferm for making unfermented summer sausage. It provides preservation against spoilage. The flavor of the sausage was outstanding.

  27. stewart sykes (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  29. Terry Thompson (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This Bactoferm is always a great product. I order JIT because of the limited shelf life so the order status is very important to me. The last couple of orders have said the order was “processing” but was actually being shipped. A current status would be appreciated. Thanks.

  31. Paul Naehring (verified owner)

    Happy with the resultant

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. Kirk (verified owner)

    Great product, works exactly as needed for fast fermenting meats and sausages. Just finished a batch of Summer sausage-came out great. While the price might appear costly at first glance, the yield from one packet, over 200 lbs of cured meats, makes this very economical. Highly recommend for all your fast cure recipes.

  34. earl marriner (verified owner)

    I recently had an order that was lost in the mail. Customer service department wasted no time on re-shipped the order received it the following day without incident. Kudos to the customer service department

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Questions and answers of the customers

    I am grad student studying the probiotic effects of Pediococcus acidilactici. What kind of strain does your product use in Pediococcus acidilaciti?
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    Q I am grad student studying the probiotic effects of Pediococcus acidilactici. What kind of strain...... Read more answer now

    All of the bacterial cultures  we sell from Chr Hansen are pro-biotic and contribute to color and flavor development as well as mouth feel and bio-protection. The P. acidilactici has been known to prevent pathogenic growth in dry cured products especially Listeria cells. The addition of Lactobacillus curvatus assists most in pH drop and lactic acid production. Staphylococcus xylosus is the bacteria most responsible for mouth feel and texture.  

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