Clear Collagen Casings 60mm

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Clear Collagen Casings 60mm is ideal for cooked, semi-dry, and dried sausages. Each casing will make approx. 1 1/3 lbs. of sausage.  No need to be refrigerated. Casings are non-edible, peel before eating.

Clear Collagen Casings 47mm Product Details:

  • Non-edible. Peel before eating
  • For cooked, semi-dry, and dried sausages
  • 10 casings per pack
  • Size: 60mm (2 3/8″) x 24″
  • Each casing will make approx. 1 1/3  lbs. of sausage*
  • Soak for no longer than 5 minutes
  • Use 1/2″ hog rings and pliers to clip the end of the casing closed or butcher’s twine to tie the end close
  • There is no need to be refrigerated, these casings are shelf-stable

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops, and how tightly casings fill.

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11 reviews for Clear Collagen Casings 60mm

  1. Nicholas A George (verified owner)

    Look excellent but I haven’t used them as yet.

  2. Brad Jump (verified owner)

    These casing always produce great sopressata. Mold grows quickly and stays on after pressing the meat.

  3. Dennis Fletcher (verified owner)


  4. Tom Wohl (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed for my project.

  5. Richard Vorwerk (verified owner)

    my personal favorite for summer sausage, easy to use

  6. Bella Lerner (verified owner)

  7. sausage man (verified owner)

    These casings are excellent for smoking. I made liverwurst and smoked it to finish the product
    that came out great awesome liverwurst. I made bologna using these casings;
    however, I did not smoke it but blanched it in 185 water and again the finished product
    came out excellent.

  8. Dennis Higgs (verified owner)

  9. Gerardus van Helvoort (verified owner)

  10. Robert (verified owner)

  11. Jun Martin (verified owner)

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