38mm (1 1/2″) Smoked Collagen Casings

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A clear smoked collagen casing used for bratwurst, Italian sausage, and dry cured pepperoni. These casings are made to be more durable to carry the weight of the meat when hanging on a smokehouse stick. Made from the hide of cattle. Totally edible. Keep refrigerated.

  • Stuffing capacity per package: 60 – 70 lbs.
  • Approximately 1 1/2″ when stuffed

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39 reviews for 38mm (1 1/2″) Smoked Collagen Casings

  1. milovan pokraj (verified owner)

    This is excellent product .You can stuff about 15 kg sausage ( 35 pound ) may be little more .Works very well every single one is good .I will buy again

  2. Mark Budnk (verified owner)

    Once you dip it you are committed. I only needed half of one casing for 10 pounds of sausage. I didn’t find that very cost effective for home use. 1 casing was twice the size of my 5 pound stuffing tube FYI. Did not crease too much when I made kielbasa. Follow 6 P’s and this will do very well.

  3. Dempsy Winans (verified owner)

    I made a batch of The Sausagemaker’s smoked pepperoni seasoning blend sausage and put it in these casings. Excellent products, both of them.

  4. didier Pfalzgraf (verified owner)

    love collagen casings, these smoked ones are mild in smoke, but stronger when hanging in the smoker less breakage

  5. Vincent Lyon (verified owner)

    Perfect for my FAT Brats (not grandchildren, but sausages)

  6. Clarence Armstrong (verified owner)

    I have made several orders from you and I’ve never been disappointed. Keep up the good service.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We’ve been using these for years. Nice size for kielbasa. Casings last well if stored in cool place. Easy to fill and hold up well in smoker.

  8. Mike Ceglenski (verified owner)

    Worked good.

  9. milovan (verified owner)

    good casings and fast delivery

  10. Jack Haiken (verified owner)

    I used my old leftover casings because of the delay. However I have bought from them before and will continue buying from them. I understand and there is no problem.
    Jack Haiken

  11. Peter Cartalemi (verified owner)

    Good casing I use it for ring bologna

  12. ray hoffman (verified owner)

    I got the order sooner then expected. thanks for the speed of you shipping. ordering was a snap thanks again

  13. Timothy Maiter (verified owner)

  14. Jack Owens (verified owner)

    used with your polish seasoning. came out perfect. will purchas again.

  15. Michael Belcher (verified owner)

    Good price, great product, fast shipping. Reliable quality. Stuffed them hard with no bursting

  16. david seachrist (verified owner)

  17. robert uri (verified owner)

  18. leanid lapatski (verified owner)

    Thank you for your good smoked collagen

  19. Leanid Lapatskaya (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for your attention. Very quickly sent the parcel. This product is very high quality.

  20. vladimir jovicic (verified owner)

    Great casing for a money. Easy to wok with and also easy peal once sausage is dried and smoked

  21. milovan pokrajac (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  22. Gary Borntrager (verified owner)

  23. john hashagen (verified owner)

    great product just like the other one we have purchased. It is in the smoke house and will come out 12/8/2018

  24. martinj272 (verified owner)

  25. Andrew Jackson (verified owner)

    Very sturdy product, easy to use and great snap

  26. amico colaizzi (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. glen steinke (verified owner)

  29. david h (verified owner)

    very happy with the product.

  30. Rodolfo Bieder Dawidowicz (verified owner)

    Muy buen producto y servicio entrega, seguiré con este producto para mi elaboración de chorizo artesanal argentino.

  31. Grandpa Pig (verified owner)

    Perfect size for balony. Strong enough and smokes good. Can’t beat the price and couldn’t believe how quick I received them. Great place to do business with

  32. Cris Delbaugh (verified owner)

    haven’t used yet

  33. Ken H (verified owner)

    This is a nice strong casing allowing you to stuff tightly with no blowouts. It is a little on the thicker side for the bite but overall a great casing. I cannot hang sausage in my smoker so I may try the fresh collagen casing next time.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Thomas Miller (verified owner)

    I think very excellent collagen

  36. Bud C (verified owner)

    I used these to stuff and smoke polish sausage and they held up wonderfully.
    I’ve seen some bad reviews. Here’s the thing:
    Keep in mind that fresh casings are NOT intended for the smoker. They will not hold up. You need smoked casings/fibrous/etc for that purpose. Also, collagen casings are NOT intended for twisting links. The twist will never hold.
    Great product.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. MEHMED ORUCEVIC (verified owner)

  39. Marvin Gisler (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, good communication, and correct item received. I am a repeat customer and will continue.

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    Can you twist these before smoking
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    Q Can you twist these before smoking answer now

    Yes, they will twist and link like any other sausage