32mm (1-1/4″) Vegetarian Casings

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32mm (1-1/4″) Vegetarian Sausage Casings

Start Stuffing with our highly popular Vegetarian Casings! Made water, vegetable glycerin, and starches/sugars. These are perfect for making some homemade veggie/ fruit sausages, or even fish! Vegetarian Sausages are extremely delicate, so make sure you are gentle with them, or they’ll tear. Please DO NOT over stuff, cook in oils, or soak in water. These will destroy the casings, making them unusable.

  • Each 32mm Casing is 12M or about 40ft in length
  • Capacity or total weight of stuffed product will vary dramatically based on product being stuffed
  • GMO / NO Known Allergens

Cook them in a variety of ways:

  • On the stove top in a pan on low to medium heat
  • In the air fryer for 10min at 350F
  • In the smoker, drying for an hour at 140F-150F, then add smoke and cook below 175F
  • Even in the Microwave at 15 sec. intervals until cooked!


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4 reviews for 32mm (1-1/4″) Vegetarian Casings

  1. Lucas (verified owner)

    Great solution for a veggie sausage! Tha snap, once grilled, is really good.

  2. Marshall Hogenson (verified owner)

    I’m a new sausage maker, successful with Italian and pork curry wurst wanting to try plant based sausage for my brother. This casing sounded good, but no instructions on how to prepare the casing, stuff it or handle it post stuffing. PLEASE HELP and I’ll prepare a more complete review

  3. Matthew Buike (verified owner)

    They worked very well. First time using them. Made vegetarian bratwurst for a friend. went into casing well. Making the links was a bit hard, but able to that also. Overall I would say the casings are worth buying and using. Very pleased.

  4. Joey (verified owner)

    These worked great as an alternative to traditional hog casings. They cook well and have a nice bite to them. The only thing about making Italian sausage in the past that was kind of gross we’re the casings. These vegan casings solved the problem. Thanks for this great alternative!!!

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Are these similar to what is used when buying turkey or chicken sausages at the supermarket?
  1. 0 votes
    Q Are these similar to what is used when buying turkey or chicken sausages at the supermarket? answer now

    No. Probably not. I guess it all depends on who is making the sausages. Any casing could be used. It's not uncommon for hog and sheep casings to be used on chicken and turkey sausages.

    Read the ingredients. You could use vegetarian casings if you wish, but cellulose are used for skinless/cooked applications.