#32 3/16″ Grinder Plate with Hub

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#32 Stainless Steel 3/16″ Grinder Plate with Hub is made from stainless steel. The hub makes it easy to attach and remove the grinding plate from the grinder, before and after the grind. Fits standard #32 Meat Grinders.

The grinder plates are not compatible with Porkert Meat Grinder.

  • 3/16″ Diameter holes
  • 3/8″ Plate thickness
  • Stainless steel

How to Use
#32 Stainless Steel 3/16″ Grinder Plate is primarily used for the finest grind and the final grind before emulsion. Also good for food fine textured sausages like Frankfurters, Bologna, Mortadella and Knackwurst.

Hand wash #32 Stainless Steel 3/16″ Grinder Plate with Hub with soap and water. Air or towel dry. We recommend dipping the plate into mineral oil to prevent rust.

Meat Grinding Tips
Don’t know what size or type of grinder plate to use? Click here meat grinding tips.

Stainless Steel vs. Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel is more hygienic than carbon steel, especially important for commercial use, and is less susceptible to oxidizing. It is also easier to maintain and store because it doesn’t need lubricant or moisture absorbing storage to prevent rusting. A steel plate or knife that is high in carbon (“Carbon Steel”) is harder, tougher and an edge will last longer than stainless steel, but it will oxidize much easier if not carefully maintained.

Tip on Hardness
To preserve the life of your meat grinder plates and knives, it’s important that you match the metal hardness of the grinding plate and grinding knife. A high carbon knife will wear down a stainless steel plate much faster, and a stainless steel knife rotating into a carbon steel plate will dull the knife. Both cases will lead to poor grind quality over time and need for replacing parts much sooner than if both parts are the same material.

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