3/8″ Hog Rings

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3/8-Inch Hog Rings are used to clamp sausage casings after stuffing for a professional finished product. 100 rings are included in a single package.

Ideal size for Clear Fibrous Pepperoni Casings 38mm.

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61 reviews for 3/8″ Hog Rings

  1. Timothy Marchant (verified owner)

    works great I have not used them with casings larger than 2 3/8 “. Ica crimp a tighter seal with these than staples.
    fast shipping well packaged

  2. Karen Bragg (verified owner)

    I’ve bought the piers with these hog rings and they work well together. The Sausage Maker is the only place I can find 3/8 ” hog rings.

  3. charles silleman (verified owner)

    work well

  4. Richard Deuel (verified owner)

    Perfeck size for my 1 lb. meat bags.

  5. Larry Masching (verified owner)

    good product, works well for us. We use them on our deer summer sausage casings and our bulk sausage.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good price…

  7. Paula Jordan (verified owner)


  8. Tom Prellwitz (verified owner)

    Not much to say about hog rings. They do their job….

  9. CHARLES HOWLAND (verified owner)

    Used for closing casings then tying with string.

  10. robert butt (verified owner)

    Had to figure these guys out. Once I did they are the bomb. I use them for my summer sausage and liverwurst.

  11. Jerry Vicars (verified owner)

    Received quickly along with the Casings and have used and am very happy with the delivery and the quality of the rings. I would recommend the Sausage Maker to anyone.

  12. William Shader (verified owner)

    We go through a lot of rings,so will probably have to order more before the season is over.

  13. brian higley (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Randy Meyer (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Simple to use with the hog ring pliers. Sealed bags as advertised.

  17. Bruce Helberg (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

  19. Scott Cyr (verified owner)

    Use these to secure 1st end prior to stuffing. Crimps great.

  20. JC Rivera (verified owner)

    Got these over using tape and,worked great.,

  21. David Dahlquist (verified owner)

  22. Martin Huegel (verified owner)

  23. Justin Lefever (verified owner)

    They held my ground pork bags closed.

  24. carl horner (verified owner)

    Used before , great

  25. Darrell Nevers (verified owner)

  26. tony munch (verified owner)

    No problems

  27. Kenneth Burke (verified owner)

  28. Dean Bax Bax (verified owner)

    worked good

  29. Franklin Betz (verified owner)

    Should work

  30. Gary Borntrager (verified owner)

  31. Steve Jones (verified owner)

    We processed 95 lbs of meat since I received my order everything is great we ad a few other things and our reviews are good. Should have ordered a few more casings but will over order next time. steve

  32. Michael Wernett (verified owner)

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

  34. David Larsen (verified owner)

  35. Dean Shirley (verified owner)

    Good Quality, used these many times with no complaints

  36. Cindy Novak Ardolf (verified owner)

    fast turn around

  37. Brian Miller (verified owner)

  38. jj (verified owner)

  39. Alexei Tchertkov (verified owner)

  40. RICHARD GRAVES (verified owner)

  41. NORENE WEDAM (verified owner)

  42. scott dimick (verified owner)

  43. Jake King (verified owner)

  44. william Herrington (verified owner)

  45. Mike Hill (verified owner)

  46. Steve Roberts (verified owner)

    We are a small artisan shop and use the 3/8″ hog rings. We get great delivery it’s a wonderful product and a terrific price.

  47. Stanley Page (verified owner)

  48. joe graham (verified owner)

    Good product!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. Steve (verified owner)

  51. D.Lee Athey (verified owner)

    Quality product as always.

  52. Jim Vojtek (verified owner)

  53. RICHARD Straub (verified owner)

  54. John Hann (verified owner)

  55. Todd Forsythe (verified owner)

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)


  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice,much better quality than the one we got from another company, definitely recommend will use again for all our needs.

  58. DENNIS KASUBOWSKI (verified owner)

    I ordered 2, 100 packs but only got 1

  59. Daryl Seematter (verified owner)

  60. Dan Mack Deer Processing (verified owner)

    We use these to clamp our summer sausage casings and they hold up very well.

  61. iro11 (verified owner)

    It is excellent product!!
    Few important facts: I tested it with two sizes of casing 61mm (2-3/8″), and 68mm (2-5/8″).
    For 61mm it was difficult to use. I needed other person to help with holding casing but I could clamp it with in one try.
    For 68mm it was Very Very difficult to use. I needed other person to help holding casing and it took me few times to tie it.
    For TheSausageMaker team: Please include in description of hog rings what size of casing is working best with them.
    For my next purchase I will try 1/2″ Hog Rings with 61mm and 68mm casings, and perhaps in little while I try 5/8 Hog rings with those casings.

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