26mm (1″) Fresh Collagen Casings

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26mm (1″) Fresh Collagen Casings are the ideal size for making hot dogs and wieners. Made from the hide of cattle. Totally edible. Keep refrigerated.

4 half strands per package.
Stuffing capacity per package approximately 28 lbs. (98 feet)
Diameter: Approximately 1″ when stuffed.

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37 reviews for 26mm (1″) Fresh Collagen Casings

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The fresh collagen casings worked perfect for making fat wieners. We love the snap of biting through the casing.

  2. Frank Euchler (verified owner)

    what more can I say. they had exactly what I wanted, and more. I got my order two days faster than the promised delivery date.

  3. daniel winger (verified owner)

    very easy to stuff. how do you cook these without them falling apart?

  4. Randy Dunn (verified owner)


  5. William Tate (verified owner)

    My daughter loves these sausages!

  6. Kathleen Craig (verified owner)

    Haven’t used them yet, but anticipate no problems. Can’t wait.

  7. KING SMOKE ANDY (verified owner)


  8. Lashauna Jones (verified owner)

    Received my order fast and didnt know what to expect. So I had to contact customer service for directions. Harder to use when tying. But very palatable in taste.

  9. Jim Alexander (verified owner)

    This was the first time using these casings for hotdogs. They worked good with only minimal blowouts. Will definitely try again.

  10. tim (verified owner)

    I used these on hot dogs after having issues with sheep casings they worked great,. Held together and didn’t rip while stuffing.

  11. Jerry Harrison (verified owner)

    While I have not used these yet I know they will work well as I have used them before.

  12. Matthew Favro (verified owner)

    Worked well and tastes great! Made 50# of Brats! Quick and easy! I am coming back for more!

  13. Patricia Shanholtz (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    casings are strong yet after stuffing and cooking are very tender. Great product.

  15. Richard Bressler (verified owner)

  16. Brian B (verified owner)

    Stuffed 50 lbs of hot dogs this weekend. No blow outs. The casings are rubbery to eat if they are cooked in water. They were fine when cooked on the grill.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    26mm (1″) Fresh Collagen Casings Very good product made 4 sausage last week . casings are strong enough to stuff without breakage and very tender to eat when cooked . Good product . Like the idea it comes in zip lock bag so you can store sleeves that are left for next batch you make.

  19. robert oliver (verified owner)

    great product

  20. Stan Forrest (verified owner)

    Much easier to handle that the traditional hog casings. No soaking or prep work.

  21. danny hainey (verified owner)

    Been using these four years I’ve never had any problem with them they work very good I would highly recommend them to anyone

  22. BRIAN BOVILLE (verified owner)

    Work great

  23. Jamey Darlington (verified owner)

    Nice product. Quick delivery.

  24. van bursell (verified owner)

    The product I received is very good the casing arrived only after 3 days ,I was very satisfied

  25. Steve (verified owner)

  26. Mark Klein (verified owner)

  27. Bradley Law (verified owner)

    works great and very happy

  28. Sebastian Cardona (verified owner)

  29. Al Burtson (verified owner)

    Bought 1″ casings to make hot dogs. Very easy to work with. Had no issues with tares. Would buy again.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Anthony Tomaino (verified owner)

  32. Kenneth E Nicol (verified owner)

    I have used your products for over 25 years, it all started after reading your “Sausage Maker” book, The quality of your products has always met expectations helping me produce a flavor filled product.

  33. Dominic Souza (verified owner)

    I’ve just started using this scale and love it. I have a similar one with 11# more capacity but its not waterproof. And l killed the last one when it got wet, so this one is a blessing. I hope it last me a long time only time will tell. But l love it so far.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)


  35. Thomas Stephens (verified owner)

    Good pricing ,fast delivery. Thanks

  36. Bud C (verified owner)

    I used these for breakfast sausage links. They fit on the stuffing tube with no fighting.
    I’ve seen some bad reviews. Here’s the thing: Collagen casings are NOT intended for twisting links. The twist will never hold. You need natural casings for that purpose. (Fresh casings will not hold up to a smoker either, so keep that in mind)
    Knowing that, I cut these to the desired size and have had no problems stuffing, cutting, or cooking the final product.
    Great product.

  37. Daniel Pytel (verified owner)

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    Do the collagen casings have a kosher certification
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    Q Do the collagen casings have a kosher certification answer now

    No, I'm sorry. We are not a Kosher facility and none of our collagen casings have Kosher certification.