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Make quick work of meat processing with this 25 inch heavy-duty meat saw. Its sharp heavy-duty stainless steel blade has the toughness to stand up to the busiest butchering operations. With 10 teeth per inch design. the saw makes for clean and consistent cuts.

The saw has a stainless steel frame, trigger blade tightener and a sanitary, high-impact plastic handle. It is equipped with one hard edge 25″ saw blade (measured pin to pin).

Ergonomic Plastic Grip
An ergonomic plastic grip with tri-point frame connection is comfortable to operate with minimal hand fatigue during long periods of use.

Easy to Change Blade
The camlocking blade tensioner holds the blade firmly in place and makes changing out the blade quick and easy with little downtime.

Product Details:

  • 25″ stainless steel meat/butcher saw with steel blade
  • Ergonomic plastic grip with tri-point frame connection
  • Camlocking blade tensioning makes replacing blades a breeze
  • Includes a 10 TPI (teeth per inch) steel blade
  • Makes quick work of carcasses, large slabs of meat, and even bone

Replacement Blades: 25 inch saw blade and 25 inch stainless steel saw blade.

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12 reviews for 25″ Meat Saw

  1. Matthew Joslin (verified owner)

    One of my butchering books suggested that I should buy the biggest and best saw that I could afford. This is it.

  2. Erik Johannessen (verified owner)

    Good sturdy bone saw. No problems with it.

  3. Ronald Riggleman (verified owner)

    25″ Meat Saw works great and is a nice addition to my meatroom

  4. Greg Hardegree (verified owner)

    I process all deer, hogs, goats, beef, etc. that I eat including from field dressing to sausage, steaks, and so on. The 25″ meat saw has been a blessing and a great burden reliever in the butchering process. I also buy most of my spices and equipment from The Sausage Maker and as always. I am pleased! Thanks, Greg H. (Texas)

  5. David Gor (verified owner)

    Good Feel, Using it at deer camp, can’t wait

  6. George Downs (verified owner)

  7. Michael Brooks (verified owner)

    haven’t used it so not sure how its going to work

  8. David (verified owner)

    The two injection molded handles weren’t finished nicely. This left some small pieces of sharp plastic on the inside grip of the handle.

    We got a couple blisters before figuring out why. Wearing gloves helped.

  9. Bernadette Mroz (verified owner)

    This saw is a “beautiful” piece of equipment.

  10. Barry Shealy (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product.

  11. Eric villarreal (verified owner)

    Stopped using an electric saw when I got this.

  12. Corey West (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this 25 inch meat saw and when I received it in the mail I was very impressed with the quality! The frame is solid stainless steel about 3/16 of an inch thick. First time I used it to cut through a ham bone works great! Getting ready to process some hogs and I’m looking forward to using it again. Definitely worth the money to me.

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    What brand is this saw?
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    Q What brand is this saw? answer now


    There is no specific brand.  The saw comes from China.