21mm Collagen Casings Caddypack

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21mm Collagen Casings Caddypack are ideal for making breakfast sausages and snack sticks. These casings are pleated into strands that can be unfurled and placed on  1/2″ stuffing tube.

These casings are made to be more durable to carry the weight of the meat when hanging on a smokehouse stick. Made from the hide of cattle, totally edible. Keep refrigerated.

21mm Collagen Casings Caddypack Product Details:

  • Size: 21mm
  • Total length of casings: 2646 ft
  • 54 Strands per caddy at 15 meters(49ft) each.
  • Use with  1/2″ stuffing tube

*Casing capacity depends on meat/fill density, size/lengths of links or loops, and how tightly casings are being filled.

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