#10/12 Meat Grinder Knife & Plate Sharpening System, FINE

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#10/12 Meat Grinder Knife & Plate Sharpening System, FINE  System includes two ceramic sharpening stones appropriately sized for sharpening both your meat grinder knife and the grinding plates.

Over time, knives chip and dull and plates become worn down. Resurfacing both tools offers a clean, surface, perfect for getting excellent results with less smearing and jamming. Working with sharp plates and knives makes manual grinders easier on the arm. And puts less strain on the motors of electric grinders.

In addition to the fine system, The Sausage Maker also make a Coarse Sharpening System.

Just replace either the grinding plate or knife in your electric or manual meat grinder and using the locknut to create friction you can sharpen the corresponding piece with ease. The stones can be soaked with water for smoother operation. A few seconds of operation in an electric grinder. Approx. 10-20 cranks on a manual grinder. Severely worn down parts may require longer. It is essential to sharpen both the knife and plate at the same time in order to create a fresh surface with good contact. PATENT PENDING.

An Important Note on Fit
Our sharpening system is designed with tolerances that will allow it to be used with meat grinders produced by a variety of manufacturers. Choose the appropriate size for your needs.

Need Assistance with Sharpening?
Click here for more information on how to sharpen grinder knife and plates.



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24 reviews for #10/12 Meat Grinder Knife & Plate Sharpening System, FINE

  1. Gerald Leftwich (verified owner)

    Worked well for me really sharpen my plates and knife no need to buy new now for a while easy to use

  2. Walter Spotkaeff (verified owner)

    #10/12 Meat Grinder Knife & Plate Sharpening System, FINE I have been a customer from when Rytek and his family started with a small mailing catalog. You could call for advice and Rytek would talk to you. All the products from this company are still very good. When He was older and was going to sell His company He notified His customers that He was confidant that the buyer would maintain the quality of the equipment and improve and expand the selection. This has proven true. I am very satisfied with the quality and selections in the catalog and website. A Very Satisfied Customer, Walter Spotkaeff

  3. Anthony Toczylowski (verified owner)

  4. Paul E. (verified owner)

    I have been looking of a way to sharpen my blades and plates for a long time. I found this system and have used them. They seem to have done a great job however, I have yet to use my grinder to see how well it works. I can tell both the plates and blades are much sharper and it is very easy to use, so I am giving it 5 stars.

  5. glenn holler (verified owner)

  6. Gerald Puetz (verified owner)

  7. james p kozlansky (verified owner)

  8. Dan Brennan (verified owner)

  9. David Ruetz (verified owner)

    My last order arrived quickly and complete. Ordering on line is easy and your product line is all that I need at this level of sausage making. Very well pleased.

  10. Nancy Cala (verified owner)

    Dear Sausage Maker:

    As usual, you had just the product I needed. I had no idea it existed. The blade and knife sharpener worked perfectly. I remain your long-time, loyal, and satisfied customer.

  11. joseph privara (verified owner)

    Did not use it yet…

  12. CYRIL RESHETILOFF (verified owner)

  13. terrence n tacker sr (verified owner)

  14. Bradley Nelms (verified owner)

    Purchase was easy. Website was great. Shipping arrived quickly. Order was as expected.

  15. Michael Lazic (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. I’m just glad that someone recognized the need for this type of tool. 3 seconds for the knife and 3 for the plate, in my case, was enough to sharpen both to perfection.

  16. roger schwartz (verified owner)

    The sharpening system was the correct size & works just fine. It was shipped & recieved promptly.

  17. Russell Jones (verified owner)

    Works perfect! I was wondering how I could resharpen my grinder knives and when I seen these, it made all the sense I needed and very happy with the purchase

  18. Truby Miller (verified owner)

    I ordered the above mentioned sharpening and due to virus and supply took a while to get here. So far other than that I’ve been very satisfied with service and quality.

  19. Janus Hendrix (verified owner)

    product is great, I think the shipping cost was a bit high.

  20. Joe VanDeMark (verified owner)

    Got the wrong stones first time but they still worked to sharpen grinder knives. the correct size works much better

  21. Tina Heier (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for and shipped in a timely manor

  22. John zey (verified owner)

    Sharpening system came in a timely manner. Very happy with the ease of ordering and the time it took to receive it.

  23. HENRY KATZ (verified owner)

    Worked great. Watch I tube instructional video so you use it properly

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

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Questions and answers of the customers

    what sharpening kit do I need for a model 6868 grinder made by you folks? It is old like me & I think I bought it at Gander Moutain many years ago. The serial# is 1003.
  1. 0 votes
    Q what sharpening kit do I need for a model 6868 grinder made by you folks? It is old like me &...... Read more answer now

    You should get both coarse and fine, in the #10/12 size

  2. Will you generally need both coarse and fine or is the coarse mainly for resurfacing badly worn surfaces and the fine for regular sharpening/maintenance.
  3. 0 votes
    Q Will you generally need both coarse and fine or is the coarse mainly for resurfacing badly worn s...... Read more answer now

    Yes, just as you would sharpen any knife, you should start with a coarse stone and then finish with the fine grain stone.

  4. I have two meat grinders. One KitchenAid #10 size and one Hobart #12 size. They are different in diameters so how can one sharpener set work for both sizes. Please explain.
  5. 0 votes
    Q I have two meat grinders. One KitchenAid #10 size and one Hobart #12 size. They are different in ...... Read more answer now

    #10 and #12 are the same size. KitchenAid grinders are actually a #5, not a #10/12. We do not sell stones for that machine. You can purchase a #10/12 stone set for your Hobart.