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Casing for Homemade Sausage

If you’re making sausage, you’ll need high-quality casing.

A premium casing provides the right snap and texture to your meat. We offer a large selection of natural and synthetic sausage casings at prices you can afford.

At The Sausage Maker, we carry protein-based, edible collagen sausage skins in fresh, smoked, pre-tied, and rounded styles. These are available in tubs, pre-tubed options, or packs.

For natural casing, choose between our hog, sheep, and beef casings. We also offer premium mahogany smoked collagen casings, salami casings, and deer collagen casings.

We make our vegetarian casing options with cellulose and other plant-based materials.

For dry-aging meats or curing charcuterie, browse our collection of UMAi products.

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