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Dry Curing Ingredients

Use our starter cultures to enhance color development and flavor, reduce the ripening time of meats, and improve product safety. We offer various liquid smoke sizes to instantly add a smoky flavor to your meats without the risks or time commitment involved in cold smoking. We are well-stocked with ingredients for preserving meat, so all you need to do is add your favorite spices. You can use dry cured ingredients to age your meats anywhere from six months to a year to maximize flavor and create savory, homemade prosciutto, ham, sausages, chorizo and a variety of other meats. When you’re curing meats yourself, you are not shortcutting traditional methods with artificial flavors or using chemicals to speed up processes. This denies cured meats their full, delicious flavors and often creates unhealthy final products as opposed to curing meats yourself. Our selection of preserving food ingredients will help you create flavorful meats to share with family and friends at home, potlucks or BBQs.