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Meat Brining Tools & Brining Buckets

If you're looking for tough, durable food-grade buckets for brining ham as well as other brining tools, we've got them here and at great discount prices. Besides having a 5-gallon food-safe bucket and 5-gallon bucket liner for your brining needs, other must-have accessories for your various brining activities include a meat pump, brine tester, meat curing kit and any of a number of marinade dispersal needles to be used with your meat pump.

Options for a unique, high-quality brine bucket include a full-sized 22-quart briner and junior 8-quart unit. These food-safe plastic buckets are specially designed to eliminate a frequent problem experienced when brining - keeping your meats, kraut or other pickling foods fully and hygienically submerged. The full-sized brine bucket found here is large enough to hold a 25-pound turkey!

Serious briners may want to consider some of our top-shelf accessories, such as the Dial-O-Matic Meat Injection Gun and the high-volume meat pump.