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Plastic Food-Storage Wrap

Our site is full of food-storage solutions that range from meat and game bags to freezer paper and vacuum machines. Some of the more popular food-storage products we sell are cellophane wrap and bulk plastic wrap. Anyone who's ever battled with plastic wrap for food will love the king of all food storage wraps – EZeeWrap – and the patented EzeeWrap 1000 Food Wrap Dispenser that allows for easy grasping and for producing the perfect length of food-grade plastic wrap every time. This plastic wrap system is easy to use, easy to replace and easy to install.

The dispenser comes initially with a 500-foot roll of professional, premium plastic wrap that out-clings ordinary plastic wrap by far and works in the refrigerator, freezer or microwave. Replacement rolls are 1000 feet in length. This system installs under or in a cabinet, on a wall, in a drawer or on a countertop.