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The Sausage Maker™ brand was started by our founder Rytek after finding it difficult to find quality seasonings, spices and supplies for meat curing projects as he traveled the country. Initially a mail order catalog, our full product line is now also available at our two retail locations as well as on our website. Whether it’s venison, salmon,wild hog or something else, If you’re seeking to revive the traditions of your ancestors, or you’ve been practicing them all along, we have everything you need to turn your harvest into delicious food memories.

The Harvest Fiesta™ brand is about sun, celebration and savoring home-made creations.Those that will find the Harvest Fiesta™ brand appealing are those interested in making traditional foods, but our consumers are anything but traditional people. Whether it’s dehydrating chili peppers from your garden and fermenting a tangy southwestern slaw to cracking open a home-made cider with friends. Similar to its Mother company, The Sausage Maker, Inc., Harvest Fiesta™ is about promoting a back-to-basics lifestyle and supporting the slow-food movement with the right tools for preserving the season’s harvest.

TSM Products™ brand is our wholesale division, with a focus on equipping retailers, restaurateurs, food processors and other wholesalers with high quality, commercial grade equipment. For additional information please visit www.tsmproducts.com.