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Oak Barrels for Aging

Wine and beer connoisseurs know that nothing delivers rich, complex flavors to an aged beer or wine like genuine American Oak. The Sausage Maker offers oak barrels for sale in 5-, 10- and 15-liter sizes, perfect for the next small batch of homemade libations that deserves a little extra time to reach perfection. These American Oak wine barrels are handmade by tequila industry expert coopers, using absolutely no wax, paint or glue. As the barrel is filled with water at the end of the crafting process, the wood naturally expands to seal any cracks between the slats.

Use these as oak beer or whiskey barrels for a strong, earthy flavor. They’re great for cider, tea, various types of sauces and spirits, too—anything you want to infuse with that distinctive oaky flavor. And if you’ve never tasted vinegar aged in an oak vinegar barrel, you’re in for a treat. Order yours today and let the oak work its magic on your next batch.