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Non-Chamber Vacuum Food Sealers

A food vacuum sealer is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, not only for preserving food freshness and flavor but also for saving space in your freezer and protecting a variety of non-food valuables such as jewelry, documents, photographs, etc.

A commercial vacuum sealer or professional food sealer is especially useful to anyone putting up wild game, preserving freshly caught fish or picking wild berries and saving them for later use without them going bad. You'll find a number of vacuum sealer units here on this page, from the PRO line manufactured by Weston to the Light Commercial Vacuum Sealer from us here at The Sausage Maker. This food saver machine is designed for heavy personal use and rated to provide up to 10 hours of continuous use. This vacuum sealer is affordably priced and can be stacked up against pretty much any no-chamber food vacuum.