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Sausage Netting Rolls

Stretchable meat netting is a type of casing that holds meats and sausages together during the curing, drying, smoking and cooking processes. Stretchable salami netting is ideal for drying and curing small and large diameter sausages like pepperoni, capicola, summer sausage, salami, sopressata, bologna and mortadella. It will also hold hams, chickens and roasts of all sizes together during the cooking and smoking processes.

Meat, sausage and ham netting at the Sausage Maker gives meats a traditional tied look without using butcher's twine. Our nettings are specially designed to maintain a constant supportive pressure around meats and sausages as they shrink. This saves you the trouble of having to tighten butcher's twine around your meats as they are dried and cured. Our high-quality meat and sausage netting comes on rolls in sizes from 12 circumference squares to 28 and is made of heavy-duty elasticated cotton.