Natural Sheep Casings

Like Hog, Sheep casings are immensely popular natural casings for sausage makers, novice and pro alike. They are strong, yet extremely tender. The best part about sheep casings is they are smaller. This can be the one drawback for newbies as they get used to the size. When using sheep casings, you’re most likely going to be making snack sticks and breakfast sausage, or sausages with small diameters.

When using fresh, natural sheep casings, there are a few steps to follow:
Rinse and soak casings for at least 20 minutes to an hour prior to use.
Please, flush out casings with water – ensuring they are clean and safe for use.

Below is your sheep casings sizing guide to help you make the right choice:


18-20mm Sheep Casings – Sausage Sticks, Pepperettes, Snack Sticks (Small)

20-22mm Sheep Casings – Sausage Sticks, Pepperettes, Snack Sticks

22-24mm Sheep Casings – Breakfast sausage, hot dogs (small), fresh pork sausage, Snack Sticks (Large)

24-26mm Sheep Casings – Hot Dogs, Breakfast Sausage (Large)

26-28mm Sheep Casings – Hot Dogs (Large), Landjaeger

The Sausage Maker Sheep Casings have been carefully sourced from New Zealand.