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Butcher Kitchen Impressor Butcher Kitchen Impressor
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Butcher Kitchen Impressor Meat Tenderizer Plus
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Meat Tenderizers & Cubers

Well-tenderized meat accepts marinades more easily and is more manageable on the plate, making for an overall more enjoyable eating experience. For large operations, a commercial meat cuber is a must-have kitchen tool for turning lean, chewy cuts of meat (like flank steak) into easily chewable meals. Ours are stainless steel, safe for use in the kitchen and easy to operate. We also carry a meat tenderizer machine and smaller meat tenderizer tool for smaller batches or for any dish that requires breaking down the muscle fibers in your meat or poultry.

As with all of the Sausage Maker’s specialty kitchen gadgets and appliances, our steak tenderizer tools and machines are made to do one job and to do it perfectly. Tenderized meat and poultry is easier to chew with a smoother texture. Seasonings and marinades penetrate the muscle tissue more evenly, making for a meal that’s more delicious and easier to eat. Get yours today and improve your meat dishes!