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Celery Juice Powder Celery Juice Powder
Our Price: $11.66
Honey Cure, 10 lbs. Honey Cure, 10 lbs.
Our Price: $34.00
Powdered Dextrose, 1 lb. 8 oz. Powdered Dextrose, 1 lb. 8 oz.
Our Price: $14.49
Currently Unavailable
Powdered Dextrose, 5 lbs. Powdered Dextrose, 5 lbs.
Our Price: $28.49
Currently Unavailable
Non-Fat Dry Milk, 1 lb. 8 oz. Non-Fat Dry Milk, 1 lb. 8 oz.
Our Price: $15.54
Does Not Ship Outside USA
Non-Fat Dry Milk, 5 lbs. Non-Fat Dry Milk, 5 lbs.
Our Price: $39.99
Does Not Ship Outside USA
The Briner The Briner
Our Price: $45.79
The Briner Jr. The Briner Jr.
Our Price: $33.77
Perforated Needle Perforated Needle
Our Price: $17.43
Brine Tester Brine Tester
Our Price: $22.81
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Meat Curing Supplies Online

When it comes to curing meat at home, the products you use can make or break the final product you put on the dinner table. Luckily, The Sausage Maker offers all of the best meat curing supplies you need to do it yourself! We care about your health, so our USDA-approved cure formulas will help prevent food poisoning and ensure that your meat is safely and effectively preserved. Our trademarked Insta Cure™ has earned a reputation amongst food magazines, hunters and health enthusiasts alike for its consistency and quality. For meat with a sweet twist, try flavor-infused cures like our country brown sugar or maple ham & bacon cures. Prevent crumbly, dry sausage by adding high-quality binders like soy protein concentrate or isolate, and non-fat dry milk powder. Don’t forget to check out our selection of brining tools so you have the right products to inject, soak, or salt your meat with your new cures. Enjoy free shipping when you spend $49 or more!