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Mason Jars & Lids

Anyone who’s interested in canning knows that a good supply of preserving jars is a vital part of the process. Buying bulk mason jars ensures you’ll always have enough equipment on hand to bottle and store your favorite foods, even if you’re doing several runs at the same time. The Sausage Maker carries Ball mason jars in different sizes and in the popular wide-mouth shape. We love them because they’re reusable and sturdy, and best of all, they’re affordable.

While our customers most often use them as canning jars, mason jars are classic DIY kitchen accessories that are perfect for food preservation as well as a variety of other uses—they make great drinking vessels, storage units and vases for rustic floral decorating. So whether you’re using them as pickling jars or not, you’ll find plenty of uses for them around the house. Stock up today and get to canning!