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Food-Grade Lubricant Grease

An important part of turning out great sausage products is ensuring your sausage-stuffing equipment is kept in good working order, which means proper maintenance. Like any mechanical equipment, your sausage stuffer requires periodic lubrication, which, in this case, calls for a food-grade lubricant. The food-grade grease found here is special NFS-H1 Registered lube, made from approved USDA ingredients and compliant with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570, which applies to lubricants that have incidental food contact or are used in food-processing areas. This lubricant should be applied to your sausage stuffer threaded rods and gears to maintain long life. It can also be used on your meat grinders. The product comes in a 16-ounce container.

The other item currently featured in this category is a 1”-diameter, 12”-long nylon sausage-stuffer cleaning brush. This sausage-stuffer cleaner makes it easy to keep your sausage-stuffer tubes clean.