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Home Fermenting & Pickling Supplies

Make incredible fermented vegetables and foods with these fermenting supplies from the Sausage Maker. We offer easy DIY fermentation kits, as well as standalone fermentation equipment. Our vegetable pickling supplies include shredders, cutting boards, stompers, weights and other fermenting accessories. Proper vegetable fermentation supplies reduce the chance of mold and help keep your veggies submerged in the brine throughout the fermentation process. We carry a full range of home fermentation equipment to make your new or established hobby as easy and fun as possible. Our fermenting tools are ideal for making homemade pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut or any other fermented vegetables.

Although fermentation naturally occurs all on its own, humans have been exploring controlled food fermentation since ancient times. Fermenting is a form of food preservation that can help make the food’s nutrients more easily absorbed by the body, and the bacteria produced by lacto-fermentation (the kind of fermenting that happens in vegetables) can also help with healthy digestion. If you’re just starting out, crack open something from our fermentation how-to library for plenty of tips and tricks on selecting the best fermentation and pickling equipment.