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Home Fermenting Kits

When using our ferment DIY kits, all you’ll need to do is find a head of cabbage from your local store and grab some salt from your pantry. Our kits will take care of the rest! You’ll have high-quality, delicious sauerkraut free from preservatives and artificial add-ins, the way it was meant to be. All home fermenting kit pots on this page are made of high-food-grade ceramic to ensure nothing leaches into your food as it ferments, and they also make for an easy cleanup.

Sauerkraut is simple to prepare in your kitchen and makes a delicious addition to homemade sausages and sandwiches. Our DIY sauerkraut kits allow you to create healthy toppings that are loaded with natural probiotics from the fermenting process. We’ve included all you’ll need to begin in our starter fermenting kits, from recipe books to fermentation supplies, ensuring you are equipped with everything required to make successful sauerkraut. All products on this page qualify for free shipping when you shop today!