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Hi-Temp Cheese

Hi-temperature cheese is ideal for cooks and sausage makers who want to add some cheesy goodness to their dishes without worrying about dealing with a big, melty mess. The Sausage Maker carries several varieties of cheese that won’t melt under the high temperatures associated with your favorite cooking processes. Smoke it, grill it, stuff it into a bratwurst—our delicious cheeses will make your cooking a breeze!

Each variety of cheese comes in a convenient 1-lb. package and is already diced for easy use. The cheeses will hold their shapes during cooking, so you know exactly how much you’ve used and you can quickly stuff a sausage or other dish. Since the melting point is as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the best cheese for cooking and grilling that we’ve found. Choose one or more varieties today and enjoy!