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Easy Ham & Bacon Cures

Is it time to replenish your bacon curing supplies? The Sausage Maker offers mouth-watering ham and bacon cures like honey, maple, corned beef and country brown sugar. Our easy pork cures will turn your bacon or ham into a delicacy that's guaranteed to delight everyone's taste buds.

Our pork cures include the extremely popular Insta Cure No. 1. This basic cure for bacon and ham contains salt and sodium nitrite. It's used to cure meats that are cooked, brined, smoked or canned including ham, bacon, lunch meats, corned beef, patés and other products.

Sodium erythorbate is a commonly-used ingredient that speeds the breakdown of sodium nitrite in meats during sausage making so you can smoke cured meats immediately after stuffing. Because sodium erythorbate has antioxidant properties, it works to prevent discoloration in cured meats that contain cheese and keeps the meat from changing colors.

No matter what flavor you’re going for, you’ll be creating piggy kitchen magic in no time!