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Grilling Spices, Rubs & Blends

We've got taste-bud-tantalizing grilling spice blends for chicken, beef, pork and other meats. Choose the Chipotle Ranch Marinade for a spicy yet not overpowering chicken spice mix. Other chicken seasonings include the Hot Buffalo Wing Seasoning, great on oven-baked, grilled or deep-fried chicken, and the Mediterranean Style Marinade, especially good on chicken.

You'll love our grilling seasonings. The Smokehouse Barbecue Marinade is great for both chicken and beef brisket, and the Memphis Style Barbecue Rub is recommended for just about any type of meat you'd like. Any steak lover would be happy with beef cuts marinated in our Steakhouse Marinade, and our Honey Barbecue Marinade will give any of your grilled creations a finger-licking good taste that won't soon be forgotten by any fortunate enough to partake. Our grilling spices, rubs, marinades and blends are second to none. Go crazy and order several. You won't regret your decision!