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Freezer Paper Rolls

We offer a line of commercial freezer paper and freezer paper dispenser options to help you protect your meats and food that will be subjected to freezing. Butcher freezer paper is similar to normal butcher's paper except that one side of the paper is poly coated, which provides a superior moisture barrier. Meat freezer paper is designed to protect your meats while being frozen and during the process of thawing, adding longevity to the meats and protecting their taste. It should prevent your meat, seafood and poultry from experiencing freezer burn for between three and six months.

We offer top-quality freezer paper made in the U.S.A. and freezer tape for securing your wrapped bundles. The standard freezer paper roll is 18" wide, and our rolls are 1,100 feet in length. The commercial dispensers featured here are designed to accommodate these size rolls. For smaller lengths, try our 300' roll in a box with a built-in cutter.