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Harvest Right’s Freeze Dryers

With Harvest Right’s home freeze drying machines, you can preserve meats, leftovers and other foods to reduce food waste and save money. Say goodbye to expired meat in your freezer and the panic that comes with a power outage, because with these freeze dried food machines, your food’s shelf life can be extended for up to 25 years! Now, you can buy in bulk and freeze dry it at home with your personal freeze dry machine. For do-it-yourself freeze drying, you simply place your fresh or cooked foods in the dryer until they are frozen to -40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Once the food is frozen, the dryer machine’s vacuum pump turns on and creates a vacuum inside the chamber. The appliance will gradually warm, and the food’s moisture will leave in the form of a gas, leaving a nutritious meal to be enjoyed at a much later date. You’ll always have delicious, fresh meat because freeze dried meats rehydrate perfectly back to their original flavor, color and consistency.

Fruits retain their shape and color when you freeze dry them at home with a Harvest Right freeze dryer; compare this to store-bought freeze dried apples. Dairy products, like eggs and cheese, can be used in recipes as though they were fresh. When you freeze dry foods at home, you retain 97% of the nutrients – making freeze drying a far better option than canning or dehydrating foods. Shop the Harvest Right freeze drying machines for sale at the Sausage Maker!