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Long-Term Food Storage

We provide a number of vacuum food storage options ranging from the high-end commercial vacuum packaging machine line from VacMaster to the more economically priced yet feature-laden Weston PRO-1100 Vacuum Sealer with roll cutter. For a similar but larger and heavier-duty option, consider the Weston PRO-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer, which has an extra-large bar for handling bags of up to 15” in width.

Long-term food storage is best accomplished through the use of a quality sealer and, just as importantly, high-quality food vacuum sealer bags. We offer both here, including bags for both chambered and non-chambered machines. Lock out moisture and air from your stored foods, improving shelf life and taste, eliminating both food spoilage and freezer burn. Sealing is also an ideal way of protecting valuable possessions from tarnishing, as in jewelry, and aging or water damage, as in treasured photographs.