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440 lb. Hanging Game Scale 440 lb. Hanging Game Scale
Our Price: $29.99
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110 lb. Heavy Duty Dial Scale 110 lb. Heavy Duty Dial Scale
Our Price: $89.99
Currently Unavailable
Escali L125 High Precision Scale Escali L125 High Precision Scale
List Price: $89.95
Our Price: $69.99
Savings: $19.96

Accurate Food Scales

We carry a complete lineup of food scale equipment, including the conventional scale, a 440-pound hanging scale for game, a top-of-the-line price computing digital scale and a Soehnle Page Profi 33-pound digital kitchen scale, which is the most precise food scale for meal prep, accurate to one gram! A quality kitchen weighing scale is an important accessory for any kitchen where food preparation is a regular activity and especially in households where dieters are being careful of food intake.

The Soehnle Page Profi is one of our most popular. It has a modern-looking, slender profile that looks good on the kitchen counter, and it features a large weighing surface with a large digital readout with a 10-second memory that holds the readout for view 10 seconds after the weighing is done. Its smooth surface is easy to keep clean, with no protruding buttons and patented soft-touch controls. Also check out our variety of stainless dial scales, including 11-pound, 44-pound and 110-pound models.