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Food Dehydrator Trays

Inside the food dehydrator sit several trays or screens that help keep your meats or fruits from touching and increase the surface area of the food that’s exposed to the dehydrating air. While our machines come equipped with varying numbers of dehydrator racks manufactured to work with each specific design, these racks can warp or accumulate residue over time. It’s important to have access to replacement food dehydrator screens in the appropriate size for your machine so you can keep your dehydrator in optimal working condition and maintain even air distribution inside the machine.

The Sausage Maker’s dehydrator drying screens are made from premium silicone, plastic or stainless steel. Each material is great for a different type of dehydration, so be sure to do your research before using a new type of screen. Not sure which size or type of tray you need? Contact the Sausage Maker today for expert help!