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Fibrous Sausage Casings for Uniform Stuffing

Fibrous meat casings were created in the 1930s. Fibrous casings for sausages and meats were designed to provide the meat industry with another casing option as consumer demand for sausages and other cured, smoked and dried meats increased. Fibrous sausage casings are strong, durable and heavy-duty. When stuffed with meat, they take on a uniform shape that's ideal for prepackaging and slicing.

These casings are perfect for all sausage sizes. They work especially well with large-diameter sausages like mortadella and bologna because they can be stuffed to capacity without breaking. Our fibrous meat casings are made of a specially processed filament paper that's coated with viscose. The casings are porous, so sausages and meats can breathe and absorb smoke. Whether you prefer clear fibrous sausage casings or colorful ones like mahogany and deep red, the Sausage Maker has them in a variety of lengths and diameters as well as fibrous protein-lined casings and pre-tied casings. Questions about this particular type of casing? Read our Sausage Casings 101 post on the Sausage Maker blog!