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TSM Harvest Fermenting Crock Pot, 5L TSM Harvest Fiesta Fermenting Crock Pot, 5L
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TSM Harvest Fermenting Crock Pot, 10L TSM Harvest Fiesta Fermenting Crock Pot, 10L
Our Price: $96.28
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TSM Harvest Fermenting Crock Pot, 20L TSM Harvest Fiesta Fermenting Crock Pot, 20L
Our Price: $161.30
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Caldwell's Vegetable Starter Culture Caldwell's Vegetable Starter Culture
Our Price: $25.89
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Fermentation & Pickling Crock Pots

When you’re settling your veggies in for the long fermentation haul, you have several options as far as fermentation pots go. Ceramic crocks are the most popular choices for making old world foods, such as sauerkraut. Although some people use glass mason jars to ferment and pickle foods, we always recommend a good fermenting crock pot, such as our German styled fermenting crocks, for the best possible results. These home fermentation crocks are designed with traditional techniques that have been effectively fermenting foods for thousands of years to make delicious and probiotic enriched food. Most of these pots can be used as a brining or pickling crock too, but we do offer one crock specifically for brining in 5L. We offer a huge variety of sizes to suit every project, from the smallest batch of kimchi to a pot of sauerkraut big enough to feed an entire backyard barbecue.

Choose from classic German, Polish or Harvest Fiesta styles for your fermentation crock with up to 20L volume. Our Polish fermenting crocks are made by skilled artisans in Poland, from the best vitrified clays on Earth. The earthenware products made from this clay are the highest, unmatched quality we’ve found anywhere. Remember: Plastic fermenting vessels are not a safe choice as they’re more likely to contain harmful BPA or other chemicals, and because bad bacteria can easily stick to any scratches in the plastic. TSM Products are all tested for safety by an internationally recognized 3rd party testing agency. We know you’ll appreciate the handcrafted difference when you start using one of these amazing fermentation crocks.