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Vegetable Fermenting Kits

Besides being delicious, crunchy alternatives to unhealthy snacks, fermented vegetables contain a host of benefits while being easy to make. Have fun making homemade vegetable preserves with loved ones, or give them to family and friends as a unique, personal gift.

The Sausage Maker believes fermented vegetables should be inexpensive and contain as much nutrition and benefits as the jar can hold. Fermenting vegetables is a simple process where nature does most of the work for you. When you make pickled vegetables at home, they often retain more nutrition than store-bought preserves because you are likely not heating up your jar ferments and adding them to cans that kill beneficial live cultures that are good for your gut. Our vegetable preserving kits allow you to make simple and natural foods to create new memories with loved ones or keep family traditions alive. We offer everything you need to get started below. Simply add the jar fermenting kit that best suits your needs to your cart today.